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   Main page » Catalogue » USB DAC Cable » USB DAC Cable with 3.5mm Mini Plug 75cm (30'')
USB DAC Cable with 3.5mm Mini Plug 75cm (30'')  
This new generation USB DAC cable accepts the digital audio signal from your computer and transforms it into pristine analog audio. Use it in conjunction with an external headphone amp (or any audio amplifier) to enjoy music from your computer. The well implemented Wolfson Dac chip is the same one used in many much higher priced audio products.

The "Line Dac" produces higher sound quality than internal sound cards because it is isolated from the necessary but noisy electronic circuitry and fans inside all computers.

It installs itself without separate software; just connect it to a USB port and the computer's sound card is bypassed. It functions on all systems with a USB connection, whether they are Windows, Linux or Mac.

The cable uses Texas Instrument's PCM2707 USB transmitter which sends the I²S digital data to the Wolfson WM8740 high-end DAC. The ultra-low noise AD8656 is used to buffer the DAC. Only selected 1% resistors and low distortion capacitors are used in the audio path for the best sound quality.

Digital and analog power paths are driven by an ultra-low noise regulator and separated through ferrite beads and filter caps. The cable can even be used on noisy USB ports (hubs) and will still provide noise free sound!

• PCM2706/7 USB Digital Receiver
• Wolfson WM8740 High-End DAC
• 16bit/48kHz resolution (USB standard)
• Analog AD8656 Ultra-Low Noise Buffer
• Ultra Low Noise Voltage Regulator
• Separated Analog and Digital Power Paths
• Low Distortion Capacitors in the Low Pass Filter
• Ultra Small Circuit Board (32x10mm)
• Cable Length: 75cm (30'')
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
• 2-Year Extended Warranty

US $ 99.00


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