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Thread: Arrow 5TX Manual

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    Arrow 5TX Manual

    Battery charging

    A blinking red LED indicates that the battery needs to be charged. Connect to an USB port and the battery will charge in 3-4 hours.

    As long as the green LED blinks the battery is charging. Once the green LED shines steady the charging is finished.

    When the "DAC" switch is set to "M" (Mobile) the battery may only be charged by an adapter and not by a computer.

    Power switch "O I A"

    In "A" (Auto)-mode the amplifier will switch off after 5 minutes without music playing (the red LED will dim after 2 minutes). In "I"-mode the amplifier will turn off after 60 minutes without music playing.

    When the red LED blinks the switch-off times will be shorter. For example, if the red LED blinks very fast it means that the battery is almost empty and the turn-off time is only 30 seconds instead of 5 minutes.

    Note that the incoming audio signal can not be too low, otherwise the amp can not detect it. Keep the volume of the music player (MP3, CD etc.) at about 50-80% of its maximum.

    Volume control

    Slide the volume wheel to the side will increase or decrease the volume in 65-steps. If the wheel is pushed in the center the volume will mute and may be released after it was pushed again.

    Gain switch

    Keep the gain switch at the lowest possible position to keep the noise level low. Only increase the gain when the volume is not enough. Headphones with a higher impedance rating will need a higher gain to play at the same loudness as low impedance headphones.

    DAC switch

    Select "O" to deactivate the USB DAC. Connecting the amplifier to a computer will only charge the battery.

    Select "P" (PC) when you use a computer as a digital audio source (via an USB cable). The internal DAC in the 5TX will be turned on when an active PC is connected. That means it is not necessary to set the DAC switch to "O" after disconnecting from a computer. The DAC switch actually has no function when no USB source is connected.

    Select "M" (Mobile) when you use a portable device (Android, iPhone/iPod/iPad) as a digital audio source. In "M"-mode the 5TX's battery can only be charged by an adapter and not by a PC or mobile phone. Simply disconnect the digital player and connect an adapter to charge the battery. The amplifier will automatically detect the presence of an adapter. (Very old adapters sold about 10 years ago may not be detected--in this case use a newer one.)

    USB DAC connection

    Android: Use the supplied USB-USB cable to connect to an Android phone. Although very thick the cable may be flexed easily. All new Android phones support the USB DAC connection. If not, please update the firmware and try to connect again.

    iPhone/iPad: A "Camera Connection Kit" and a standard USB cable is needed to connect the amplifier to an iPhone/iPod/iPad.

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    Thanks for the manual Robert.

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